BAM and Creation Care Part 1

One Big Thing: The One Thing a God-honouring Business Must Do to Be a Good Creation Care Steward

Business as Mission (BAM) companies serve people who face great environmental, even existential challenges. BAM practitioners are on the ground already in many areas of the greatest need and are positioned to respond.

To help BAM practitioners meet the business as mission goal— or bottom line—of environmental stewardship, we asked some of the leading Christian scientists and thinkers on the topic of business and creation care:

  • What is the one thing you would tell a God-honouring business they must do to be a good creation care steward?
  • What other advice would you give to those businesses?

We received strong guidance from this wider group, drawn from their experience and a knowledge of the biblical view of creation care. This report summarises their advice, complemented by our own analysis, into the following emerging themes:

  • Be part of the solution
  • Talk about it
  • Connect with nature and appreciate it
  • Become acquainted with local and international environmental laws
  • Study the Bible on creation care and ask God for help
  • Set measurable outputs and internal incentives for reducing waste and pollution
  • Create a sustainable supply chain and go local where possible
  • Conduct an energy audit
  • Speak up for creation with government officials and politicians
  • Dedicate a team for creation care within the staff and be intentional

Implications and recommendations are further discussed for the BAM community at large and for BAM practitioners who are striving for better environmental sustainability through their companies. We also propose a plan of action for further work and resource development on this topic.

This paper encourages God-honouring businesses to sustain the environment, as they also love their neighbours and care for the poor. It provides practical suggestions how to get there. Our hope is that as a result both creation and businesses will thrive.


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