BAM and Creation Care Part 3

Challenge and Hope: How Business can Help the Planet and Its People Flourish


As BAM and Creation Care Part 1 concluded, all businesses are environmental businesses and we need the BAM community to be leading the way in recognising this.

This is the first major theme of the BAM and Creation Care Consultation; that every business as mission (BAM) entity has the opportunity to grow in their care of creation.

While all BAM companies can become better environmental stewards, there is a second major theme to the BAM and Creation Care Consultation; the opportunity for some Christian entrepreneurs and investors to create new BAM companies that address critical environmental problems with innovative business solutions and new technologies.

Acute environmental damage and degradation is often to be found in places suffering dire poverty and in places relatively unreached with the gospel. This presents BAM practitioners and investors with the challenge and opportunity to respond holistically with environmental solutions at the heart of their business model. Business as mission companies serve people who face great environmental, even existential challenges. BAM practitioners are on the ground already in many areas of the greatest need and are positioned to respond.

This report explores how to meet the pressing environmental challenges that face us today with the hope we share and the technical capabilities we can access. It focuses on the provision of air and water solutions that can best meet the needs of unreached peoples who desperately need the gospel and access to clean air and water.

It concludes with an exhortation to respond with the gifts and experience that each of us have, a series of recommendations and a corresponding action plan.

We thank God that he is at work, stirring us in the business as mission community to be part of the solution. This paper seeks to further encourage God-honouring entrepreneurs and investors to mature and mobilise new technologies and companies that will help to care for creation and be ‘good news to the poor’ (Luke 4:18).


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