BAM & Mission Agencies Consultation


To invigorate the BAM movement globally by equipping mission agencies from all continents with BAM fruitful practices and greater connections.


From 2012-2013 the BAM Global Think Tank and Congress held ‘Working Groups’ on various BAM topics – producing BAM Global Reports. The topic of BAM and Mission Agencies was not a full Working Group, but a smaller discussion took place that produced a short Special Report on BAM and Mission Agencies.

In 2018 we will launch a full Working Group focused on the topic of “BAM & Mission Agencies”. This Working Group will be globally representative and will work to identify the major opportunities and challenges facing agencies as they do BAM. We hope to provide the global mission community with best practices, resources, lessons learned and common solutions to effectively engaging in business as mission. The outcomes of this process will include a BAM Global Report to be presented at the BAM Global Congress in 2020.

The first stage of the Consultation process is to Survey to as many mission agency related people in the BAM community as we can, from every part of the world. If you are engaged with BAM in any capacity and related to a mission agency, we invite you to complete this Survey yourself, but also please pass it on to as many people in your network as possible.


  • Discover and document major areas of opportunity and challenges that mission agency leaders/personnel have experienced with BAM strategies.
  • Investigate the BAM experiences of mission agencies by geographic region.
  • Identify lessons learned and fruitful practices around a number of key topics for agencies engaging in BAM.
  • Document case studies that highlight issues and learnings by topic and region.
  • Provide forums and networking opportunities for agencies, both within regions and internationally.
  • Open up a dialogue between mission agency leaders and business leaders exploring the experience of partnership so far, and future opportunities for collaboration.
  • Make recommendations for future activities and action by mission agencies.
  • Make recommendations on areas for collaboration between mission agencies and the church, academia and the Christian business community.

To enquire about this group or to receive a copy of the Survey, please email us.